M.P.Primary School Pavuluri Venkaiah Chowdary Z.P.High School M.P.Primary School(S.T) Pavuluri Venkata Narasaiah M.P.Primary School Pavuluri Sriprasad Memorial Bala Bharathi School M.P.Primary School(B.F.S)
M.P.Primary School Pavuluri Venkaiah Chowdary Z.P.High School M.P.Primary School(S.T) Pavuluri Venkata Narasaiah M.P.Primary School Pavuluri Sriprasad Memorial Bala Bharathi School M.P.Primary School(B.F.S)

        Before the year 1927 itself, the Taluq Board was running two elementary schools for boys and girls separately, for some time. Later District Board combined these two schools into a single lower elementary school. Sri Gottipati Venkata Gopala Krishnaiah (Gopalam) was running a school privately and Sri Paruchuri Raghavaiah was running an aided school. In Harijanawada also, one elementary school was there. Previously Sri Vennelaganti Venkata Govinda Rao (Kannayya Panthulu) started one more school and later clubbed it to District Board Elementary School. Mohammadans had an Urdu School, which was in existence till recently. Well before all these schools, Sri Addanki Subrahmanyam and Sri Govada Narasimhaiah ran small schools.

        Of all these, Bala Bharathi school, run by Sri Gopalam was developed a lot. Sri Govada Raghavaiah was the Head Master of this school. Later this school was upgraded to higher elementary school. Students of this school were directly being admitted to fourth form in Turimella High School, which was the nearest one in those days. Many of the students of this Bala Bharathi School are now in higher positions in every corner of the world. Sri Pavuluri Satyanarayana gave a nice building for this school, which was then named after his son Pavuluri SriPrasad. Now this school was under the control of Mandal Parishath.

        As there was no high school in the village, students were going to Turimella, which was three miles away. Villagers decided to start a high school in the village itself. Sri Pamulapati Venkata Krishnaiah Chowdary was the then District Board chairman. He started many high schools in the district. As he had relatives in Govada, he came to the village on the villagers' request. Even though, the villagers collected Rs. 60,000 according to his advice, later they returned donations due to lack of faith on him, which was really an unfortunate event.

        After some time, some of the elders from village met Sri Nalluri Rajaiah and Sri Marreddy Gurava Reddy, the then chairman and vice-chairman of District Board. As these two were followers of Sri N.G. Ranga, Secondary school, which was started on July 21, 1950 with 167 students was upgraded to High School in 1951-52. Sri Pavuluri Venkaiah Chowdary donated two acres of land. Later he donated more money along with others for the construction of school building. On March 18, 1953, foundation stone was laid down by the then Madras State Governor Sri SriPrakas. Sri N.G. Ranga, Sri V.S. Krishna, Vice-chancellor of Andhra University, Sri Pamulapati Venkata Krishnaiah Chowdary and many other famous personalities attended this program. The school was named as Sri Pavuluri Venkaiah Chowdary High School. Sri N.G. Ranga and Sri Pamulapati Venkata Krishnaiah Chowdary were nephews of Sri Venkaiah Chowdary. Many people from other villages also attended this function.

        Many students from the village learned Sanskrit in nearby Sanskrit School, Amrutaluru. Eminent personalities like Sri Tummala Seetharama Murthy, Sri Etukuri Venkata Narasaiah, Sri Kotta Satyanarayana Chowdary, Sri Brindavanam Rangacharyulu, Sri Panditha Uppala Kotaiah taught Sanskrit in this school. After completion of study in the school, some of the students joined Sanskrit College, Chittiguduru, near Machilipatnam.

        In those days, Hindi has a significant role in Gandhiji's development agenda. After attending the Congress meeting of Kakinada in 1923, Govada youth invited Sri Duggirala Balarama Krishnaiah of Angalur to teach Hindi to them. Sri Atluri Raja Rao, Sri Boyapati Nageswara Rao and Sri Kasturi Subba Rao also taught Hindi by starting Hindi Vidyalayas. Without opting for a job, Sri Pavuluri Lakshmaiah taught Hindi to many villagers and provided a chance for them to work in District Board High Schools. Sri Tummala Sriramaiah and Bapaiah donated their house to Hindi Vidyalaya. Sri Pavuluri Seshagiri Rao ran this Hindi Vidyalaya for many years. In this way, Govada became very famous for Telugu, Hindi and Sanskrit pandits.

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