Sri Chilakamarri Venkata Krishnamaacharyulu

     Father Sri Venkataacharyulu was an engineer. Mother was Smt. Andaalamma and Grandmother was Smt. Sooramma. Even though hailing from a conservative Vaishnavite family, he participated in freedom struggle very actively from the age of 24, with due inspiration from Gandhiji’s preachings. His ancestors came from Kanchi to settle in Govada long way back. They had 50 acres of fertile land. He passed School Final in Tenali. He was in Rajahmundry, Kannanoor and Rayavellur jails upto March 13, 1931 for his participation in Non-Cooperation Movement. His wife Smt. Ramanujamma also participated in freedom struggle and spent some time in jail. From the beginning, he was associated with Sri Konda Venkatappayya, Sardar Gollapudi Seetharama Sastry, Unnava Lakshminarayana, Nadimpalli Venkata Lakshmi Narasimha Rao and Maddi Rangaiah. In 1932, entry was given to Harijans into the famous Sri Balakoteswara Swami Temple, mainly due to his efforts along with Sri Sastry and Sri N.G. Ranga. He faced a lot of wrath of other higher castes when he allowed a Harijan to draw water from his own well. In later years, he started Goodwill Company in Tenali after being vexed with politics. He had four daughters and a son, Sri Yoganand Swami. He expired on July 25, 1975. For the sake of freedom, the entire family faced a lot of difficulties. We can see very few people like him.

Smt. Chilakamarri Ramanujamma

     She was wife of Sri Chalakamarri Venkata Krishnamaacharyulu. Father was Sri T.K. Vedaanthaacharyulu. Her native place was Poondla Village, Eluru of West Godavari Dist. She entered the freedom struggle at the age of 17 itself, by canvassing for Khadi, following the footsteps of her husband. In 1932, she spent six months in jail for her participation in Civil Disobedience Movement. In Tenali, Along with Smt. Bharathi Devi Ranga, Tummala Chinnammai, Parvathaneni Kousalyamma, Suryadevara Rajyalakshmi Devi, Tummala Durgaamba, she participated in burning the foreign clothes. She allowed Harijans to draw water from their own well in 1932 itself.

Sri Talasila Kotaiah

     Son of Sri Appaiah. He worked in Congress right from tender age. He participated in many programs along with Alapati Peda Venkata Krishnaiah, China Venkata Krishnaiah and others under the leadership of Sri Gollapudi Seetharama Sastry. He spent one year from May 18, 1930 in Rajahmundry, Rayavellur, Ballari, and Kannanur jails for his participation in Salt Satyagraha. For many years, he was a member of District Congress Committee. Very closely associated with Sri Kalluri Chandramouli. He was one of the first generation Congress leader. He learned Hindi from Sri Duggirala Balarama Krishnaiah.

Pavuluri Subbaiah (S/o. Sri Musalaiah)

     He spent six months in Rajahmundry and Koraput jails for his participation in Salt Satyagraha from May 22, 1930. Good agriculturist. His family members only first started co-operative cultivation. He has a daughter.

Sri Uppala Gandhi Subbaiah

     Son of Sri China Veeraiah. He originally hails from Brahmana Koduru and later settled in Govada. He spent 6 months in Rayavellur and Tiruchinapalli jails for his participation in Salt Satyagraha from April 21, 1930 and again another 8 months in Rajahmundry jail. Till the end he was an ardent follower of Gandhiji. He had three sons and a daughter.

Sri Nannapaneni Kotaiah

     Son of Sri Achaiah. Ordinary education. He spent 6 months from July 3, 1930 in Rajamundry and Tiruchinapalli jails for his participation in Civil Disobediance Movement . He used to be the initiator for all patriotic programs in the village. He had one son and one daughter.

Sri Tholu Venkataramaiah

     Son of Sri Ammaiah. Born on November 2, 1912. After completion of high school studies, he spent in Rajahmundry jail for his participation in Salt Satyagraha in response to Gandhiji's call. Later he worked as a teacher in the Bala Bharathi School. He learned Hindi.

Sri Alapati Venkata Subbaiah

     Son of Sri Gundaiah gaari Krishnaiah. He spent one year from May 18, 1930 in Rajamundry and Koraput jails for his participation in Salt Satyagraha. He had close acquaintance with Drama field also. He was a very good singer. He used to conduct Bhajans.

Sri Katragadda Mallikarjuna Rao

     Son of Sri Punnaiah. He spent 8 months in Rajamundry and Tiruchinapalli jails for his participation in Salt Satyagraha. He used to participate in all freedom struggles at village level. After learing Hindi, he worked as an Hindi teacher. Even though being somewhat aggressive, he followed the non-violent path of Gandhiji.

Smt. Parvathaneni Kousalyamma

     Wife of Sri Appaiah. Even though she did not pursued higher studies, due to her close acquaintance with the family of Sri Pavuluri Hanumaiah, She was attracted towards freedom struggles. Along with Smt. Chinnammai, She was arrested in Tenali for her participation in Foreign goods eviction movement and spent in Rayavellur and Kannanur jails. She was the sister-in-law of Sri Tholu Kotaiah.

Smt. Tummala Chinnammai

     Daughter of Sri Hanumaiah and wife of Sri Raghavaiah. Sri Raghavaiah and Veeraiah were her brothers. Their family had an important role in the freedom struggle. They participated in all the struggles in Govada. Smt. Chinnammai joined the women volunteers association under the leadership of Smt. Bharathi Devi Ranga and participated in the picketing of foreign goods shops in Tenali. She spent 6 months in Nellore and Kannanoor jails from January 22, 1932. Under her leadership, the women of Govada started weaving Khadi.

Sri Pavuluri Sivarama Krishnaiah

     Son of Sri Venkaiah. While studying fourth form in nearby Turimella villege, he participated in Quit India movement and sent for Alipur camp jail for one and half years. After passing Metriculation, he worked as a teacher. At present, he is the secretary of A.P. Freedom Fighters Association and also member of the Vinayashramam, Kavur. He took an active role in conducting the All India Freedom Fighters Conference in Tenali in 1983.

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